n 2002, Yusuke moved to California, United States of America to pursue his career in movie making. After he attended his first college, California State University of Long Beach, he worked on a movie set for 3 years. While he was learning about movie production, he also discovered his passion for photography. After a few years, he decided to go to Art Center College of Design Pasadena to learn more about commercial photography. When he graduated from the college in the summer of 2007, he realized he had a great passion for shooting portraitures. Right after graduation, he moved to New York City and worked there as a photographer until Feb 2009. He is currently based in Japan, Tokyo and shoots editorials and advertisements. He has also directed a short movie, music videos and TV commercials.


JR Aomori Hakodate Destination Campain, Arashi "calling/breathless" (CD jacket), Laforet Harajuku Christmas Campaign 2012,
Zebra Man 2 (Show Aikawa, Riisa Naka / Toei Movie), Hisshiken Torisashi (Etsushi Toyokawa / Toei Movie), Kamisama Help (Kazuki Kato / DHE@Stage Movie),
Hayabusa (Ken Watanabe / Toei Movie), Guilty (Miho Kanno / Kansai TV), G★Wars (Koji Imada / Fuji TV), Don Quixote (Shota Matsuda / Nihon TV),
Dream Note "Keisuke Honda" (Aeon), Phantom of the Kill "Denpagumi" (Fuji Film), ABC-Z (CD,DVD), Cleopatra na onna tachi (Ryuta Sato / Nihon TV),
Breathless Summer (Emi Takei / Fuji TV), Kodomo Keisatsu (Fuku Suzuki / TBS), Gomenne Seishun (Ryo Nishikido, Hikari Mitsushima / TBS),
Fune wo Amu (Ryuhei Matsuda, Aoi Miyazaki / Asmic Ace), Dame na watashi ni koi shite kudasai (Kyoko Fukada, Dean Fujioka / TBS) /etc.


Vogue Japan, Harpars Bazzar, Sports Graphic Number, Barfout, Switch, Ongakutohito, Quick Japan, Da Vinci, Street Jack, Monthly NEO,


Adobe Design Achievement Awards, MAC Awards 2007, CMYK Magazine Aspiring Creatives #40, International Photography Awards 2008,
Edggy Awards, American Photo Image of the year 2008, JPS Exhibition 2008, Color Photography Masters Cup 2009


"The Folk" published by Littlemore


"The Folk" (2016.3-@IMA gallery)