Drop out of Tokai University in 1982.
Graduated the fashion course at Bunka Fashion College in 1985.
Graduated a diploma course of Vidal Sassoon, and a make-up course of Complections in England in 1988.
Became a freelance hair&make-up artist.
Established D-CORD Management Ltd. in 1994. Shooting coordinator, deal with the casting, etc.


LUCIE 2016, 2017
SEIBU SOGO Randsel web 2017
Dainagoya Building web, poster, magazine cover 2016~2017
Orque d'or Salon in Dainagoya Building AD. 2016
Prince Authentic S/S web 2016
SAMSUNG Galaxy TAB S2 world wide ad. 1 year from Jul.2015
Nigel Cabourn 2015-2016 A/W collection women's show Produce
STYLE COUNSEL 2014S/S,A/W catalog, ad. and poster
LUCIE Japan/Korea Ad. and poster 2014
Otsuka Foods VICHY Celestins AD. 2013
KASPERSKY Virus Soft AD.+Web
AMWAY WAX poster, catalog 2011
NUSHDULEK debut annual ad. & image video 2011
2010 KDDI Karada Manager Transportation Ad. & WEB (Reiko Takagaki)
VERITE MICARE Diamond ring Ad. 2010-2011
AZUL by moussy Miami Photobook 2010-2011
M&KYOKO Catalog + web 2010-2011
AZUL by moussy All paper medium + web 2009-2010
BACARDY MOJITO Summer Campaign 2009
MARYQUANT poster & Leaflet 2009-2010
SEIBU×SOGO Men's Leaflet 2009 S/S
Panasonic P07 Mobile phone Ad. All paper madia (Hiro Mizushima) 2009
AZUL moussy Debut Photo Collection Bookl (shoot in NY)
Benesse corporation × BEAMS S/S Ad. in 2008
RIGHT ON shop poster of 2008 spring
JAGUAR NEW XF DM in 2008-2009
PANASONIC 704iμ+704i poster・Transportation ad・Magazine ad in 2007
Sports & Street Italian magazine coordinate in 2006-2007
NTT DoCoMo P901i Magazine Ad. and poster in 2005
ELLE PARIS S/S catalogue in 2005, A/W catalogue & magazine ad. in 2006
adidas S/S in store visual in 2005, A/W in 2006
mossimo sports catalogue in 2004-2005
NATIONAL Newspaper Ad.
LIFE CARD Newspaper Ad. 2004
Seibu Sogo leaflet + Kids leaflet S/S in 2007
Seibu Yurakucho S/S and A/W catalogue in 2004-2005
Seibu Shibuya autumn/winter poster in 2002 and 2003
LUMINE 8 stores campaign poster in 2006
AMERICAN EXPRESS Travellers Check Advertisement. in 2002 and 2003
Hankyu HEP poster and newspaper Advertisement in 2001 and 2002
HYATT REGENCY Osaka Wedding Advertisement in 2001 and 2002


JAY’ED artist photo, PV "MY WAY"
MILLEA Mini Album CD "a portrait of MILLEA"
Atsuko Maeda 2013 Calendar
Yu Mizutani Debut Single/Album (Universal)
PLATINUM Debut Single CD "DEDICATED TO YOU", 2nd Single "try again" (Dreamusic),
 Single CD "sadamerareta unmei", Single CD "LOVE", Album "LOVE FIGHTER"
Ayaka Hirahara Single CD "Ifudodo", Album "MY CLASSICS 2", Single CD "MIO AMORE", 
Ayaka Hirahara + Norimasa Fujisawa Single CD "SAILING MY LIFE"
mihimaru-GT Single CD "To be Happy", Album "mihimarise", Cllection Album "mihimania II",
 Single CD "Girigiri HERO" , Album "MIHIMARISE" , Single CD "diverge",
 Single CD "I should be so lucky", Single CD "GAZEN yeah", Album "Best of mihimaru-GT" ,
 Single CD "Pankish", 1st HIP HOP Album "mihimarhythm", 3rd CD "Negai", 2nd CD "Kaeroka"
SEAMO Single CD "DRIVE" (BMG Fan House)
Jun Shibata Single CD "Miseinen"/Album CD "Hitori"
Atsuko Maeda first photo collection book / calendar in 2009.